Black, Asian and minority ethnic community leaders in Bristol have spoken candidly on camera about getting vaccinated for Covid.

Several BAME leaders each recorded a short video during vaccine visits to the East Trees Health Centre in Eastville where they met with Dr Hyunkee Kim.

The recordings offer an insight to the cultural and practical barriers facing some local people as the vaccine rollout continues, along with messages of hope.

Among recent vaccine developments, the NHS is now offering ‘pop up’ mobile vaccination clinics in community settings which some people may find easier to access than a Doctor’s surgery.

The Bristol BAME community leaders who spoke on camera included Bishop Raymond Veira from The House of Praise on Tudor Road, who said: “The health centre is in Easton, which is great, and I felt comfortable visiting the surgery. But it’s important that we are now looking at other sites such as community centres and churches which people can access easily.”

Sandra Meadows MBE, Chief Executive of Voscur, received her first dose of the vaccine and said: “I felt under the weather in the 24 hours after having the vaccine. I would recommend that people prepare to do very little, if anything, in the first 24 hours.  You may feel fine, which is great, but do give your body time and space to adjust if it needs to. I felt perfectly well again after that first 24 hours and have been ever since.”

Bishop Dexter Edmund from the Bethel Church, said: “I understand why members of our community would be cautious about taking the vaccine, I also had questions. However, I would encourage those with concerns to speak to a healthcare professional who they know and trust as I did. They were more than happy to answer all my questions.”

Husband and wife Rashid and Tahseen Majothi from Bristol Sweet Mart were vaccinated together. Rashid said “I hope the vaccine can help us to get back to some sort of normality. We haven’t been able to be together with family during these difficult times. I hope that the vaccination programme means we can get back to seeing each other again soon.”

You can watch all of the BAME leaders’ videos here

More information on vaccine safety, eligibility, and locations is available here