COVID-19: Local Research and Insight

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have generated two research or ‘insight’ reports in the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire area. The first has a focus on remote and video consultations, while the second is about local people’s experiences during the pandemic.

Here are some headlines from the reports:

  • Around half of panellists (54%) are concerned about their emotional wellbeing and mental health, with this significantly higher amongst women and younger age groups
  • In a considerable change since last year, almost two-thirds of panelists (64%) are now comfortable with a video consultation (assuming it is with a health care professional they already know)
  • However there is a perception from some panellists that it may be difficult to access health and care services, particularly for support with mental health (49% of panellists feel it would be difficult) and for outpatient appointments (51% of panellists feel it would be difficult). This perceived difficulty is driven in part by the socio-economic and age divide, with people living in North Somerset, South Bristol or Inner City Bristol, people with long-term conditions, and people aged 45 – 64 or 64 – 74 years old more likely to perceive it as difficult to access services.

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