Covid Stories: bringing to life the stark reality of coronavirus

Covid Stories tells the real-life stories behind the headline statistics.  Everyday people, living through extraordinary times, talking about the impact coronavirus has had on them, their lives, and their loved ones.

This is a series of eyewitness accounts, sometimes filmed by individuals ‘selfie-style’ and sometimes shot by a cameraman, recording what happened to them, how they have coped, and their hopes for the future.

All of our video volunteers live or work in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. One thing they have in common is a clear and simple message: for everyone to keep following Government guidelines to help protect ourselves and each other from coronavirus over the coming months.

The first set of videos features patients and family members.  We hear from Denise, who lost her husband Steve to coronavirus.  Imogen and Marianne tell us what it is like working in a care home.  Abdul talks of the need to stay positive, while Zahra tells us how having covid reminded her of malaria as a child.

The second set of videos reveal health and care staff, some working on the front line, sharing their work and home lives.  Katrina offers a glimpse of her challenging work as a respiratory consultant at the Bristol Royal Infirmary, Dr Caroline talks of the pressure in primary care, and Jo who works for Sirona care & health uses verse to share her message of hope.

Our thanks and respect go to all those featured on these pages, for taking the time to share their stories during difficult times, in the hope that we can all better understand the human cost of coronavirus and how we can all help to fight it.