Covid Stories: bringing to life the stark reality of coronavirus

Covid Stories tells the real-life stories behind the headline statistics.  Everyday people, living through extraordinary times, talking about the impact coronavirus has had on them and their loved ones.

This is a series of videos, sometimes filmed by individuals ‘selfie-style’ and sometimes shot by a cameraman, recording what happened to them in 2020, how they have coped, and their message to others. We hear from Denise, who lost her husband Steve to coronavirus.  Imogen and Marianne tell us what it has been like working in a care home.  Abdul talks of the need to stay positive, while GP Mark shares his experience of having long-covid.

All of our video volunteers live or work in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. One thing they all have in common is a clear and simple message: for everyone to keep following Government guidance to help protect ourselves and each other from coronavirus over the coming months.

Our thanks go to those on film for taking the time to share their stories during difficult times, in the hope that we can all better understand the human cost of coronavirus.

Denise's Story

Care Home Story

Abdul's Story

Mark's Story

Liz's Story

Nigel's Story

Jenny's Story

John's Story

More local video stories will be added here soon.  Do check back for more.