Healthy Weston case for change

Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group has published Healthy Weston: why our local health services need to change. The document sets out why we need to change how we organise and provide healthcare differently in the future across primary and community services as well as at Weston General Hospital to best meet the needs of local people.

It sets out four key challenges that we are facing:

  1. Our changing health needs: Our population is growing, getting older, living with more long-term conditions and there are significant inequalities in health
  2. Variations in care and access in primary and community care: There are differences in the quality and way care is currently provided; some patients also find accessing care more difficult than others
  3. Meeting national clinical quality standards: Some services at Weston General Hospital don’t have sufficient volumes of certain cases and there is a shortage of doctors, nurses and other staff
  4. Getting value for money: We must live within our financial means and make sure we use our available resources most effectively to meet the needs of all local people.

We are continuing to talk to staff, stakeholders, patients and local communities to hear their views on our work to date.  Please continue to check our website for details of opportunities where you can come and find out more, share your views and give your feedback as we develop potential solutions to the challenges we have set out.  No final decisions have been made on the future of services and won’t be until after proposals have been fully developed and until we have formally consulted on these early next year.

Read Healthy Weston: why our local health services need to change

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