Welcome to the testing page for COVID-19

It is vital we continue testing  people who may have the symptoms of COVID-19. The latest detail of who is eligible for a test can be found below.

One of the most challenging things about coronavirus is the uncertainty: not knowing who has the infection or when it’s safe to return to normal life. Good-quality testing can help provide us with greater certainty. It’s a big part of how we’re going to defeat this disease.

In Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire there are several ways to book a test to find out if you have COVID-19.  Some are only available to those displaying symptoms like a high temperature or persistent cough, while other routes are open to everyone.

Our local testing facilities, like the one at Bristol Airport (pictured), are open seven days a week, with a large capacity, so please read on to find out if you should take a test and how to get it booked up.

After testing, you will receive a text or phone call with your results as soon as they are available.  Workers should contact their employers as soon as they receive results to discuss next steps.

  • If you are unsure what your test result means, for example if it is inconclusive, you may need to take another test.  Click here for more details.
  • Further advice and guidance on what to do if you or someone you live with has the symptoms of coronavirus can be found here.
  • General advice on coronavirus can be found here.
  • To watch our video on how to take a coronavirus self-test swab, for example if you have been asked to test at home, click on the image below.

Click this image to learn how to take a self-test swab