Long Covid Group

Our understanding of Covid-19 has continued to grow and develop since the start of the pandemic.  Clinicians and researchers have identified that some Coronavirus symptoms can remain for weeks or even months following recovery from the acute infection. According to current statistics, those working in Health and Social Care experience the highest prevalence rates of self-reported post-Covid-19 syndrome (also known as Long Covid).

To support Health and Social Care workers with a diagnosis of Long Covid, the Healthier Together Support Network (HTSN) are offering a group intervention programme involving a series of ten interactive sessions. The programme is designed to support psychological adjustment and self-management of Long Covid. The group encourages active participation and provides a space for facilitated peer-support. 

Support for Long Covid

If you are struggling following a COVID-19 infection and experiencing any Long Covid symptoms, you may benefit from some specific support. The first step is to talk to your GP, who can support any necessary investigations and arrange a referral to the Long-COVID Single Point of Access for an assessment. Depending on the outcome of this assessment, you may be advised to access the Long COVID group that we run within the HTSN.  

If you have already been seen by the Long-COVID Single Point of Access and you have a diagnosis of Long Covid we can offer some further support.

Long Covid Support Group for health and Social Care workers

This is a 10 week online group with the aim of providing an opportunity to understand the psychological, emotional and physical challenges that you may be going through with particular emphasis on those arising from working in health and social care. There will be opportunities for learning about self-management and living a meaningful life. We know that often much of the support can come from sharing and hearing other’s experiences and therefore the group sessions will have a focus on facilitated peer support.   

All sessions will be run by experienced clinical psychologists and physiotherapists with experience in supporting people with physical long-term health conditions.

How do I access this?

If you would like to join the Long Covid support group please complete the referral form. We can only accept referrals for people who have been assessed by Long-COVID Single Point of Access and have a diagnosis of Long Covid.

What happens next?

Once the referral has been received you will be contacted to book for an initial clinical assessment with one of the members of the clinical team. During the assessment with one of our clinical psychologists we will make sure that we have a good understanding of your current difficulties, think about what you might hope to achieve from attending the group and also make sure that this is the best approach for you. You will also be asked to complete some questionnaires. Depending on the outcome of the assessment you will be invited to join the next group. This is a rolling programme with the aim of reducing waiting times following your initial assessment with HTSN. We will aim for a maximum of 4 weeks between assessment and starting the group.

Dates for next the Long Covid Support Group:

10 weeks starting:

Week commencing: 17th January 2022
Time: 1:30-3:00pm


Please follow the link to complete a referral form below or contact us on 0117 342 4740.

Screening questions

Please confirm the following before completing the referral. Please note that we cannot accept the referral if you have answered NO to any of the screening questions