Staff Covid Stories

These video diaries are an eyewitness account of what it’s like for staff working in health and care – some of them on the front line – in the fight against covid.  These staff all have direct experience of the pandemic; whether it’s working hard to look after their patients or witnessing the impact of covid on their loved ones.

Together these videos are part of a multi-agency ‘covid stories’ campaign with Healthier Together partners and Avon and Somerset Police, aimed at demonstrating what it’s really like for those working during the pandemic.  By sharing these first-hand stories on video, we hope that understanding of covid will grow, along with empathy and kindness towards health and care professionals.

Our thanks and respect to all those featured on this page for taking the time to film their experience of the covid pandemic.

Katrina's Story

Caroline's Story

The Minor Injury Unit

Rebecca's Story

Jo's Story

Richard's story

Philippa's Story

More staff stories will be added here soon.  Keep checking back!