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Confidential wellbeing support for health and care staff in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

We can help you explore the best support options for your situation. You can book an assessment directly or you can access psychological training, webinars, our wellbeing explainers, or the self help advice listed on our ‘common themes’ pages. If your employer already offers a wellbeing service, you should refer to this team first – we are here to complement rather than replace existing services.

If you need urgent help, please see your options for immediate, 24-hour services here. 

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To find out more about sources of support available to you or your team please use the interactive tool. The navigation tool will help guide you to the resources and services that may be most immediately useful. Click here to access the tool.

If you would like a referral for a psychological assessment, you can refer yourself directly.


Browse common themes

We are compiling specific and useful information around common health and wellbeing themes. You can see these resources here. 



You can also access Relate

Relate are the ‘Relationship People’ and as well as Relationship support, they offer support for anxiety and stress.

The details state ‘NHS’ but these are the contact details for all Health and Care staff working in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. .

Phone us: 0300 303 4477

Psychology assessment and consultation

We are offering an initial assessment and consultation slot with one of our clinical psychologists. This is an opportunity to check in with someone about any difficulties you are having in relation to your wellbeing or mental health, think about strategies that might help and, where needed, explore options for further support. At the end of this assessment we will work with you to identify next steps, which may include up to two follow up sessions or referral to a relevant service. Assessments will either take place via video calls, or in our clinic space. Evening appointments (until 7pm) are available three days a week.

You will need to complete a referral form, which you can find here

Make a referral

Click here to see alternative local talking therapies

Talking therapies

Wellbeing explainers

We share useful ways of managing difficult situations in a series of short recordings:

Help for my team

Confidential wellbeing support for health and care staff in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

We can help you and your team in a number of ways. Please note, if your employer already offers a wellbeing service, it makes sense to refer to this team first – we are here to complement rather than replace existing services.

Referral process

If a member of your team needs help, they could complete a referral form to book an assessment with our team.

Book a consultation

Phone 0117 342 4740 to book a session with one of our psychologists to discuss any challenges facing your team. We can advise you on the range of support options available to you, including relevant training support.

Alternative local talking therapy services


Nilaari is a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) led community-based charity.


Our diverse staff team deliver culturally appropriate and responsive social care support and talking therapies. All our services are designed to support our client’s emotional wellbeing and mental health.


It is our goal to reach out to the BAME communities across the City, working towards redressing the acknowledged under-representation of these groups in services. However, anyone in need can access any of our services.


Our Vision: Everyone who visits will be listened to and treated with respect and dignity. Individuals are supported towards achieving their full potential through meaningful social inclusion.


Website: Telephone number: 0117 952 5742 Email:

Confidentiality guaranteed

Any information you provide remains confidential, but should you indicate that there is a risk towards yourself or others, particularly a child or vulnerable adult, or that there is illegal activity taking place, we may need to explore the circumstances further with you.

If you complete a self-referral and you are identified as requiring urgent help and we are unable to contact you directly to discuss this within a safe timeframe we may contact your GP, in confidence, in order to ensure alternative support is available to you.

Please note: We also use anonymised data as a means of constantly evaluating our service, and to improve and plan for any future needs.

Contact with employers

If you have contacted us directly (and not through your manager), you do not need to inform your employer that you have used this service.

We will only contact your employer if you or others are at risk (this includes those under your care), and will always aim to discuss this with you beforehand.