General Practice Resilience and Transformation

General Practice Resilience and Transformation (GPRT) is one of the 10 key programmes within Healthier Together. It reports to the Integrated Care Steering Group. This is in recognition of the importance of primary care to the functioning of our wider system.

The objectives of the GPRT programme are:

  • Create and deliver a programme to support general practice resilience and enable general practice to be the foundation of integrated community care
  • Monitor the delivery of projects, making sure they are aligned to the vision and identifying gaps
  • Define what we mean by ‘general practice resilience’ – then use an agreed methodology to measure the impact of the programme
  • Work in partnership with practices and the public to design new ways of working and develop a vision for general practice in five years’ time
  • Facilitate a more consistent and planned approach to future general practice transformation.

The GPRT programme includes all general practices in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire and those working within them. It also includes any commissioning activities related to general practice, any One Care activities related to general practice resilience and working at scale, community pharmacy, general practice estates, Primary Care Networks and general practice’s role within Integrated Care System (ICS) development. Optometry and dentistry are outside the scope of the programme. Resilient general practice will act as the stable foundation for the formation of Integrated Localities.

A key focus of work at the moment is refreshing the BNSSG Primary Care Strategy.

Shaping our Primary Care Strategy

Work is underway to update and deliver the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Primary Care Strategy. This document will set out plans for the transformation of Primary Care services, which includes dentistry, optometry and community pharmacy, with general practice at the heart.

As more and more care moves out of hospital into the community, it is important that those delivering and experiencing services help shape our vision for the future.

What has happened so far?

In 2016 the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group published its GP Primary Care Strategy. Since then, our local and national picture has moved on so we want to develop the strategy to make sure it is fully reflective of our Healthier Together partnership ambitions.

A launch event was held on 18 June 2019 to begin the work to update the strategy, with engagement opportunities through July and August 2019.

Thank you to everyone that took part in our surveys this summer. Your feedback is currently being reviewed and we will publish the results as soon as possible.

Next steps

All survey feedback will be considered as the strategy is updated. In October 2019 we will publish our revised BNSSG Primary Care Strategy, including our new vision and key priorities for the next five years. From October 2019 onwards we will begin our implementation to make the strategy a reality.

Please get in touch if you’d like to speak to a member of the team about this work:

Dr Geeta Iyer

Bev Haworth

Further information

BNSSG Primary Care Strategy (2016)Primary Care Strategy update - launch event presentation