Integrated community localities

We will bring together existing services centred around GP clusters (groups of neighbouring GP practices) within communities to create integrated localities. These will deliver a range of community based health services, including mental health and social care.

For example, you could expect to see a GP, mental health practitioner and a respiratory consultant within your local health centre.

Each locality may be slightly different as it will be tailored to the individual community.

There will be six integrated community localities:

  • Bristol North & West
  • Bristol South
  • Bristol Inner City & East
  • South Gloucestershire
  • Woodspring
  • Weston & Worle

Once integrated community localities are created it will mean if you become unwell you are more likely to be cared for by a team of staff closer to home. These changes will particularly help people with long-term conditions (for example diabetes or respiratory problems), long-term disability or mental health problems and people coming to the end of their lives. In time, you will be able to access more services in your local community, meaning you only need to visit a hospital when absolutely necessary.