BNSSG Primary Care Strategy

‘Delivering excellent, high quality, accessible care for you in a sustainable, joined up way’

The BNSSG Primary Care Strategy (PCS) is one of the 10 key programmes within Healthier Together. This is in recognition that Primary Care is the foundation of the NHS and the wider health and social care system, particularly as we develop working as Integrated Care Systems.

Primary Care (including General Practice, Community Pharmacy, Dentistry and Optometry) is the first point of entry for the prevention and treatment of illness and poor health.  This Strategy outlines the need for Primary Care providers to work together collaboratively in order to keep people healthy and independent, and to ensure that those who require care will be treated in the most appropriate place by the appropriate healthcare professional.

Like all of our health and social care organisations, the pressures of Covid-19 have been felt in Primary Care.  Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, Primary Care has continued to deliver services to our population and has quickly embedded new ways of working.  We recognise that these are not without their challenges for both our population and our staff.  Whilst we support the recovery of services to pre-pandemic levels, we must also continue to support delivery of the Covid-19 mass vaccination programme.

The Building Blocks of Integrated Care
The Building Blocks of Integrated Care

Key ambitions

The aim of this Strategy is that by 2024, we will have a resilient and thriving Primary Care at the heart of an integrated health and social care system. This is part of the overarching Healthier Together vision to improve the overall health and wellbeing across the population of BNSSG.

Some key priorities for 2021/2022 include the following:

  • Working collaboratively across systems to deliver on all priorities
  • Restoring and increasing access to Primary Care services
  • Supporting the health and wellbeing of Primary Care staff, taking action on recruitment and retention
  • Implementing Population Health Management and personalised care approaches to improve health outcomes and address health inequalities
  • Continuing to meet the needs of patients with Covid-19
  • Expand and improve services for people with a learning disability and/or autism
  • Maximising elective activity, taking full advantage of the opportunities to transform the delivery of service
  • Restore full operation of all cancer services
  • Expand and improve mental health services
  • Delivering improvements in maternity care
  • Transforming community services and improving discharge
  • Ensuring the use of NHS 111 as the primary route to access urgent care and the timely admission of patients to hospital who require it from emergency departments

Shaping our Primary Care Strategy

This strategy was originally published in 2016 by the three former CCGs (Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire) prior to their merger in 2018.

In June 2019, a revised strategy was published to include a new vision and new key priorities for 2024. This initial engagement event was attended by over 150 stakeholders from health and care partner organisations across the system including local authority, voluntary sector, patient and public representation. Following this successful launch, our Primary Care Strategy Group have been proactive at providing opportunities for engagement and communication with our stakeholders both face-to-face at established meetings but also through online surveys for both patients and professionals.

The Strategy is being continually reviewed as the local and national picture for health and social care changes. There will be further opportunities for public engagement in the future.

Primary Care Strategy Board

The Primary Care Strategy Board is a monthly meeting held with key system partners, convened to support the development and delivery of the BNSSG Primary Care Strategy 2019 – 2024. Membership of the board includes key leads from across Primary Care to ensure full stakeholder engagement and input into the Strategy.

The Primary Care Strategy Board reports to the Integrated Care Steering Group, in addition to the BNSSG CCG Governing Body via the Primary Care Commissioning Committee.

Next steps

If you’d like to get in touch with a member of our team about any of this work, please contact: and we will get back to you. Additionally, please follow us on our social media accounts for the latest news on the strategy and updates on any public engagement opportunities.

Further information

BNSSG Primary Care StrategyPrimary Care Strategy update - launch event presentation