Regional centre of excellence for specialised services

Our hospital trusts (University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust, and North Bristol NHS Trust) provide world-class, leading edge specialised services. Specialised services support people with rare and complex conditions.

Specialised services can include a range of treatments, from things like chemotherapy or kidney dialysis, to pioneering surgical procedures such as knee reconstruction using donor bone and tissue

We want to continue developing Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire as a regional centre of excellence. We will:

  • Work more closely to provide a single network of leading edge services for people across the South
  • Continue to focus on research and training which will enable us to attract and retain the best workforce
  • Help clinical teams work across boundaries, training and learning together, striving to continuously improve care
  • Continue to develop ground-breaking new treatments through our academic and research capability
  • Secure additional resources to deliver world-class care for all our communities
  • Always seek to provide specialist mental health services as close to home as possible