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Healthy Weston: Case for Change

Why do we need to change?

These plans are part of the Healthy Weston programme to help Weston General Hospital have a bright future. There are lots of other great initiatives underway to strengthen healthcare in hospital and in the community.

The reasons that we need to keep developing are:

  • We need to keep up with local people’s health needs. There are more houses being built and the population is growing. Local people are getting older and living with more complex health conditions. Our plans mean that Weston General Hospital can provide thousands
    more operations a year close to home and keep up with all the services that people use most, like outpatient appointments and children’s services.


  • All services need to stay safe and strong. The whole country has a shortage of healthcare staff. There are not enough specialist staff in some departments at Weston General Hospital, even though we have tried for years to recruit more. This makes it hard for some services at Weston General Hospital to always meet national and local standards. Our plans mean services can continue for the long-term.


  • Local people want Weston General Hospital to stay strong. Over 5,000 members of the public and staff have helped plan next steps. In a survey of almost 900 people, nine out of ten said services at Weston General Hospital need to change (85%). People know that if we make these changes, Weston General Hospital will have a secure future.


  • Our plans will help services and teams work together. Weston General Hospital will work more closely with general practices, community services and social care to care for people close to home. Trusts from Weston and Bristol merged to work closely together.


  • We can make best use of resources. The NHS has limited staff, money and other resources. The COVID-19 pandemic put even more pressure on services. Our plans will help get the best result for every pound of NHS money spent.


These videos feature colleagues at Weston General Hospital discussing topics like the future of emergency care, planned care and care of the elderly.

An eight-week public discussion on ambitious plans for Weston General Hospital closed on 14 August 2022. A full summary of what we heard, including a themes report, can be found here.