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NHS@Home offers healthcare in your home or normal place of residence, rather than in hospital. It can offer an alternative to going into hospital when you are unwell, and it can help you return home from hospital more quickly.

The service uses a mixture of phone and video calls, face-to-face visits from healthcare professionals and remote monitoring through digital technology to support your recovery.

The service is a partnership between different NHS healthcare organisations, and it is available across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

Learn more about NHS@Home by watching this video about the service:


The NHS@Home service has been featured on BBC Points West and ITV regional news. You can also download this leaflet for people who may use the NHS@Home service.

“I think I’ve recovered quicker as I feel more comfortable in my own surroundings, I’m able to rest in my own bed and I have my family around me. I am thrilled with the support I’ve received.”– Eileen, service user

What are the benefits of NHS@Home?

Research and feedback from people who have used this service shows that if you receive care in this way, you are likely to:

  • Feel more comfortable in the surroundings of your own home, with your loved ones nearby.
  •  Sleep better, which can help you recover more quickly.
  • Experience less deconditioning and frailty, which can help you
    recover more quickly.
  • Feel more positive about your recovery.
  • Feel safer knowing you are being monitored so regularly.

“When I had respiratory problems, NHS@home supported me for two weeks until I was better. I believe you recover much better and quicker in your own home.” – Anne, service user