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Get your Covid-19 vaccination

If you are eligible for a seasonal spring Covid-19 top-up vaccination before 30 June 2024, you will be contacted by the NHS. Alternatively, you can self-declare using the online National Booking Service. Those eligible are:

  • adults aged 75 years and over (by 30 June 2024)
  • residents in care homes for older adults (by 30 June 2024)
  • people aged 6 months and over who have a severely weakened immune system due to certain health conditions

Our GPs are visiting adult care homes and offering eligible people who are housebound a spring Covid-19 vaccine. The National Booking Service is also now open, offering spring Covid-19 vaccination appointments in our area for people aged 5 and over. A link to the National Booking Service is below, along with information about walk-in vaccination clinics in our area.

If you have a young child aged 6 months to 4 years who is entitled to a Covid-19 vaccination this spring, please email to make an appointment.

National Booking Service

Anyone aged 5 and over who is eligible for a spring Covid-19 vaccination can book their appointment appointment at a GP clinic, community pharmacy or community vaccination centre using the online National Booking Service (NBS) or by phoning 119 for free (between 7am and 11pm). New appointments are added, regularly, so please keep trying if you don’t find a suitable appointment.

Book your vaccination on the National Booking Service

Walk-in Clinics in Our Area

You can attend local walk-in community vaccination clinics without booking an appointment, if you are eligible. You can also visit a walk-in clinic to ask our NHS vaccinators any questions you may have about Covid-19 vaccination.

  • All clinics have limited walk-in capacity. We will always do our best to vaccinate everyone; however, due to the nature of not knowing how many people will attend a walk-in clinic, it is not always possible – it’s always best to book an appointment using the National Booking Service (link above) or calling 119 for free.
  • If you have a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 infection, please wait until you have recovered and no longer have symptoms before having your seasonal vaccination.
  • We make every effort to ensure the information about future walk-in clinics on this page is correct; however, please check the details on the day of the clinic to ensure nothing has changed.
  • Some local pharmacies are now offering walk-ins for Covid-19 spring top-up vaccination, if you are eligible. Visit the NHS website for a list of pharmacies.

Saturday 29 June

Knowle West Healthy Living Centre, Knowle West Health Park, 5 Downton Rd, Bristol BS4 1WH (map).

  • 9am-12pm: Covid-19 vaccination for eligible patients aged 18 and over.

Year-round vaccination for people who become severely immunosuppressed

People who receive a bone marrow transplant, and many individuals who receive chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapy, may need to repeat their first and second doses of the Covid vaccination (revaccination).

If you have started treatment that severely weakens your immune system please check with your specialist and, if revaccination is required, email to arrange an appointment.

Important information

You do not have to be registered with a GP, have an NHS number or be documented in order to have your vaccination. If you are in this position, please attend a walk-in clinic or contact a GP to book your vaccination, explaining your situation.

When you come for your vaccination, please bring your NHS number if you know it, and remember to eat and drink before your appointment.

Please do not come for your vaccination if you have symptoms of Covid-19 or have had a positive lateral flow test. If you have tested positive for Covid-19 you must wait 28 days before you are vaccinated if you are over 18 and 12 weeks if you are under 18.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the Covid vaccine or seasonal booster please visit our frequently asked questions page.

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