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Innovate Healthier Together hosts first Discussion Group with next date confirmed for 12 July

An update from the Innovate Healthier Together Programme.

The Innovate Healthier Together Fellowship activities are now well and truly underway. On 3 June 2024, the programme hosted its first Discussion Group led by Joanne Medhurst, Chief Medical Officer at NHS Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board (ICB).

Joanne was joined by a group of dynamic Innovate Healthier Together Fellows, with the session focusing on Mary Uhl-Bien’s thought-provoking lecture on ‘Leading in Complexity and Enabling the Adaptive Process in People and Organisations’.

In the lecture, Uhl-Bien explains how the adaptive process occurs when individuals and systems navigate the tensions between pressures for change (such as innovation, novelty, learning, and growth) and pressures for stability (such as current performance, short-term results, and the status quo). This process, according to Uhl-Bien, involves engaging in conflicting and connecting activities to generate adaptive outcomes and can be enacted in any situation which requires adaptability.

This was the first of many Discussion Groups and activities over the coming months, which are exclusive for Innovate Healthier Together Fellows.

What is the Innovate Healthier Together Programme all about?

In simple terms, the Innovate Healthier Together programme has been set up to act as a catalyst for the creation, uptake and spread of innovative practices across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Integrated Care System (ICS).

As a part of this programme, the Innovate Healthier Together Fellowship has launched. This Fellowship aims to provide a community and a space to spark innovative thinking and new ways of working across the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire region. This initiative officially launched in May 2024 with an event held in Bristol, which saw more than 120 professionals from across the health and care sectors come together to share their ideas on how the body should run, themes for collaboration and what support they can contribute.

Interested to join the next discussion group?

The next Discussion Group is also in the calendar. Scheduled for Friday 12 July at 9am and led by Holly Paris, GP and Associate Clinical Director at Pier Health, it will be focused on a podcast hosted by renowned researcher and author Brene Brown and Dr Linda Hill, a leading expert on leadership and innovation.

Listen to the podcast with Brene Brown and Dr Linda Hill ‘Leading with Purpose in a Digital Age’

If you’re not yet an Innovate Healthier Together Fellow but would like to access future events, you can fill out our Fellowship Member registration form. Or, if you’d like to find out more about future activities, please email

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