BNSSG Healthier Together

Working with community groups to reduce health inequalities

6 June 2022

“I would like people to take notice of people like me who have a large amount of life experience but have never been asked their opinion”

(2021, BNSSG HEPP survey participant)

The insights and diverse thinking of people and communities are essential to enabling Integrated Care Systems (ICS) to tackle health inequalities and the other challenges faced by health and care systems. (2021, NHSEI)

Local community groups in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire are giving voice to the experiences of the people they work with and actively improving people’s health and wellbeing in a variety of ways. As Healthier Together evolves as an ICS we want to build on and support these community groups and community assets more broadly.

Two recent projects developed through Healthier Together and funded by grants from NHSEI bring this into sharp focus. These projects have highlighted how vital community groups and organisations are in building trust with communities, and in designing and delivering services that work for the people that need it most.

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