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Inclusive Recruitment

Partners in our Integrated Care System are working together to help improve and promote inclusive recruitment practices.

Inclusive recruitment is about making sure our workforce truly reflects the community we serve. People from some backgrounds can sometimes face barriers and inequalities when applying for jobs.

We are committed to improving the way we recruit so that we can continue to build an inclusive culture, where difference is celebrated and people are able to be themselves.

Approximately 60-80 per cent of health and wellbeing is attributable to the social determinants of health. Employment is one of the key determinants. There is an inherent and reciprocal link between health and work. Being in good work with fair pay and conditions improves people’s overall physical and mental health and supports quality of life; good health enables people to work, creating a virtuous cycle.

Through inclusive employment and by targeting activities, the NHS can have a significant impact on enhancing the lives of people experiencing deprivation and inequalities, support economic and social recovery and levelling up. – NHS Employers

The Inclusive Recruitment Toolkit

The Inclusive Recruitment Toolkit is a selection of resources to help you create an inclusive recruitment process in your organisation.

The Inclusive Recruitment Toolkit

Training resources

NHS Cultural Awareness Training

NHS Cultural Awareness Training is a resource aimed at organisations operating within diverse communitie.

The free training aims to help teams reflect on the lived experience of people within the communities they serve, consider ways they could make people feel more supported, and help build confidence and trust in NHS services.

It was developed by the Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire Covid-19 Vaccination Programme in partnership with members of the Barton Hill and Lawrence Hill community, and staff from Bristol Inner City Primary Care Network. Many community members and staff feature in the training.

This training was funded using national inequalities funding which was secured to co-produce projects that would help build trust and increase vaccination with communities in the Barton Hill and Lawrence Hill areas of central Bristol.

Cultural Awareness Training guide (PDF)

Cultural Awareness Training video:

Inclusive Recruitment and Unconscious Bias training

Unconscious bias is a type of bias that we are not aware of in our conscious minds, but that affects our behaviour and emotions. Understanding unconscious bias is important for creating a society that is supportive of individual minority members.

These training slides can be used to help colleagues understand more about unconscious bias, and how to address and be aware of it when going through the recruitment process.

Inclusive Recruitment and Unconscious Bias training slides (PDF)

If you need these training slides in an alternative format, please email