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Weston, we’re here to listen

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been listening to the questions people in Weston have about Covid.

We’ve taken the top questions and asked people with the right expertise, who live or work in Weston, to answer them – so you can feel more confident in the decisions you make.

Read the most-asked questions, along with answers, below. Some of them include video answers while others are written as text answers.

Thanks for getting involved!

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1. How do I get help for my long Covid symptoms?

If your life is being impacted by severe long Covid symptoms four weeks after a Covid infection or positive Covid test, contact your GP. They might arrange for you to have some tests such as blood tests, checking your blood pressure and heart rate, a chest X-ray or measuring your oxygen levels. It can take up to 12 weeks to fully recover from a Covid infection. Watch our video answers here and here.

2. Why do I need to get vaccinated if I’ve had a Covid infection?

The type of immune response made by your body after having a Covid vaccine is much stronger and more reliable than immunity from being unwell with the virus. Also, the protection provided by a Covid vaccine or infection reduces over time, so it’s important to have your Covid booster doses if you are entitled to them.

3. Is the Covid vaccine safe?

Yes. All the Covid vaccines used in the UK have been through the same three stages of clinical trials that every vaccine goes through. Billions of people around the world have now been safely vaccinated against Covid.

4. Can I still get my first Covid vaccines?

Yes. We understand some people take longer to make up their mind and welcome anyone who is now ready to have their first or second vaccinations. We hold regular vaccination clinics at the For All Healthy Living Centre in Bournville. Watch our video answer by clicking here.

5. I’m worried about side effects from the Covid vaccine.

Everyone is different, so side effects (if you get any at all) will depend on you as an individual. Common side effects are much less serious than a Covid infection or complications from the virus and they usually go away within a few days. If your side effects seem to get worse or if you’re concerned, call or click NHS 111.

6. What treatments are available for Covid infections?

If you have a health condition, such as an autoimmune condition, severe kidney/liver disease, or types of cancer that mean you may be at higher risk from a Covid infection, there may be anti-viral treatments available to you. If the NHS knows you are eligible, you may have received a letter along with a supply of Covid tests. A doctor or specialist can confirm if you’re eligible for treatment.

7. Can I have a Spring booster?

If you are entitled to a Covid booster this Spring, the NHS will be in touch to invite you for your vaccination.

8. Where can I get further information?

Click onto this webpage for lots of useful covid information including future vaccination clinic dates and latest news.