Survey shows people’s experience of health and care services during lockdown

A new Healthier Together survey shows local people’s experience of lockdown and their views on future health and care services.  A total of 361 people across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire responded to the survey which is the latest in a regular series known as the Citizens’ Panel.

A series of wide-ranging questions explored people’s latest attitudes to health and care, their lifestyle changes during the coronavirus lockdown, and experience of remote consultations.

Concerns about individuals’ and their families’ physical and mental health continue to be high, with the survey showing over half of panellists continue to feel uncertain. Under 44’s reported greater feelings of stress and boredom, while those with long term conditions report stronger negative feelings in almost every case.

In terms of behaviour, around one third of panellists have increased physical activity levels and cooked more regularly in the past three months, but a similar proportion of people also report sleeping less. Around 6 in 10 panellists have made use of at least one health and care service in the past three months.

For those who have used primary care, community care, mental health and outpatient services in the last three months, the main format was via telephone with only 1 in 10 using video. However, for people who have had a remote consultation, levels of satisfaction are high with 7 in 10 people likely to use a remote consultation again in the future.

Topics covered in the full report also include attitudes to ‘remote by default’ consultations, concerns about a second wave of  coronavirus, and winter flu vaccinations. A short infographic summary is also available to view.