Great success for events helping to dispel misinformation about Covid-19

This week nearly 600 people attended webinar events, run by Bristol Race Equality COVID-19 Steering Group and South Gloucestershire Race Equality Network, which were designed to help people make more informed decisions about the COVID19 vaccination.  Speakers and panellists included doctors, consultants, scientists, public health and community leaders answering key questions about the vaccines.

The events coverage included how it has been possible, with significant global resources, to fast track the vaccines development; that the vaccines, which have been rigorously tested, are safe, effective and will boost immunity against COVID-19; that there is no scientific evidence to suggest the vaccine will work differently on people from ethnic minority backgrounds;  that there have been no cases of significant side effects of the vaccine; that to keep others who haven’t yet had the vaccine safe, you still need to stick to the rules once you have been vaccinated; that pregnant women are not excluded from having the vaccine, but should discuss their case with a doctor; and that everybody living in the UK is entitled to receive the vaccine free of charge.

The events urged people to consider ensuring information received about the vaccine are genuine and to seek advice from a doctor for particular issues. The decision to have the vaccine or not is down to the individual, but herd immunity and a return to ‘normality’ will only be achieved with a high uptake of the vaccine.

The recording of the Bristol event is available on the Bristol City Council YouTube channel.