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Health and wellbeing leaflet translations

A hand holding a copy of a leaflet with wellbeing information, the page shows information in different languages

On this page you can find downloadable versions of the ‘Helping You To Plan Your Health And Wellbeing’ leaflet in English, Arabic, Mandarin, Polish, Romanian, Somali and Urdu.

For each language there is a written (or text) version of the leaflet and an audio (or spoken) version.

The leaflet includes advice on ways to stay well, such as getting to know your local pharmacy, getting involved with your local community, and looking after your mental health.

It also shows which health and care services to use at the right time, as well as advice on Covid-19.

Audio versions

With thanks

Our thanks to local communities for supporting this wellbeing project. Specifically to the following community members who voiced the audio leaflets:

  • Arabic – Nesrien Mohamed
  • Mandarin – Henrietta Fung
  • Polish – Marta Kozlowski
  • Romanian – Marinescu Bogdan-Andrei
  • Somali – Abdi Omar
  • Urdu – Hira Jabeen