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Flu vaccination

Facts about the flu vaccine

This page shares flu information in different formats and languages.

Here is a short animated video explaining flu and why it is important to get vaccinated if you are eligible.

You can watch this video in other languages including Arabic, Mandarin and Somali.

In this video, Shiren from the Bristol Muslim Strategic Leadership Group meets with Ade, from Bedminster Pharmacy, to discuss the importance of the flu jab.

Topics of conversation include whether the flu jab is halal, how to get it, and whether it is effective.

Below are links to the flu video’s script in a range of different languages.

In this video, Misfits Theatre Company tackles the misinformation surrounding the flu vaccination head.

It urges people with learning disabilities and their carers (family member or support worker) to not delay, and get their free flu vaccine today.

Our thanks to everyone at Misfits for this video!