Local COVID-19 Vaccination Programme organisers have launched a Reducing Inequalities Grant to fund initiatives that address health inequalities in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG). The total value of the grant is £100,000 and community organisations are invited to apply for funding of up to £10,000 before 15 November 2021.

Reducing Inequalities Grants build on the work of our local Vaccination Programme’s Maximising Uptake Group, which works in collaboration with communities to encourage people in under-served communities to have the COVID-19 vaccine.

All registered voluntary, community or social enterprise groups in BNSSG are encouraged to apply for funding of up to £10,000 for projects that:

  • help promote health and wellbeing
  • increase vaccination awareness, acceptance and uptake
  • or address a particular community need around reducing health inequalities.

We recognise that large institutions such as the NHS don’t have all the solutions to tackling health inequalities or mitigating some of the effects of the pandemic, such as isolation and exclusion, that have affected many individuals and families across BNSSG”, said Clare Armour, Programme Lead for BNSSG Mass Vaccination Programme.

“The purpose of this grant is to build on the work that our Maximising Uptake Group has undertaken in collaboration with communities to encourage uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine. We want to empower local groups by funding projects they have designed to address local issues, in a way that works for their community.

“Community groups have been hugely supportive of our COVID-19 Vaccination Programme and often, their support was given voluntarily. This grant provides the opportunity to continue and build on this work in a more sustainable way, by providing funding to underpin their efforts.

“We hope that this grant will be a positive legacy of the vaccination programme that continues our learning and helps embed new ways of working in collaboration with communities that proved successful as part of the COVID Vaccination Programme.”

Grant applications close at 4pm on Monday 15 November. For more information please download the documents, below, or email bnssg.massvaccination@nhs.net

Click here for the Reducing Inequalities Grant hub.