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Train as a coach

Would you like to train as a qualified coach?

You can do so through the Coaching Professional Level 5 Apprenticeship, at little to no cost to your employer.

You’ll find all the information you need on this page and in the Coaching Apprenticeship Information Pack.

For any further enquiries, contact your Apprenticeship Lead (contacts in pack), manager, or

Download the Coaching Apprenticeship Information Pack

How to apply

1. Read the Coaching Apprenticeship Information Pack.

2. Have a chat with your organisation’s Apprenticeship Lead, Coaching Lead, or your manager.

3. If your organisation does not pay apprenticeship levy (list of levy-paying organisations in the pack), your manager can apply for funding by asking for levy sharing. Download a copy of the levy sharing application form, and send to Levy sharing applications are reviewed by the Apprenticeships and Widening Engagement Group monthly.

Levy sharing application form

4. Contact a training provider. In Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire we most frequently use apprenticeship provider BPP who can give you more information on the programme, check your eligibility, and support you through the application.

Contact Simon at BPP for more information at

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In 2023 we were able to fund 50 health and social care staff to complete the ILM 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring – please note that unfortunately we will not be able to run this again due to funding. However, the apprenticeship is an equivalent qualification and government-supported.

Video: Find out more about the Coaching Professional Apprenticeship

Coaching training taster

For a taster of coaching training, watch our Coaching 101 video (1 hour 17 minutes), where you will learn about the coaching mindset and how to hold coaching conversations.

You can also download our Coaching 101 Toolkit which contains lots of information and coaching tools that you can build into your daily working practice.

Watch the Coaching 101 video Download the Coaching 101 Toolkit

What is coaching?

Listening deliberately, with fascination, and asking great questions is the basis of fantastic care. This is coaching – it helps us to see things differently, find purpose and success in our roles, and look after our wellbeing. By asking people what helps them grow, be more well, and be their best, we can help them to feel supported to be and do their best. Coaching can give us healthier communities and healthier colleagues, and it’s also how we will work better together across health and social care.

Learn more about what coaching is by visiting our information pages.


Video: What is coaching?

Coaching can help you to build resilience, new perspectives, and awareness, and develop clarity and purpose. It can enable you to make positive choices and confidently manage your interactions. Coaching can be useful through changes at work, figuring out and working towards goals, and to support wellbeing.

Coaching is:

  • support to consider and make decisions for yourself
  • a mix of questions, challenges, reflection, and support
  • goal and growth focused
  • for everyone – no matter your role, seniority, or aspiration.

Coaching is not:

  • giving answers or telling you what to do
  • purely listening
  • therapy, counselling, or mentoring
  • only for Executives or people in a position of seniority.

Why don’t you book a session with a coach to experience it for yourself? You can find a coach by registering as a coachee on the hub.

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